Health Awareness

The COVID-19 pandemic has curtailed frequent home visits of the Shaheen team. Home visits are interesting rapport building as well as insight-inducing exercises. The team since the beginning has relied heavily on this mechanism to gather data on a range of issues from the community. But COVID-19 has restricted the mobility of the staff. The staff has followed COVID protocols and organised few intermittent vigils to access the condition of women in Old City. The staff has adapted themselves to changing times and are relying on technology to collect data for effective intervention. The staff is using a specifically designed application on their mobile devices to get information on probes relevant to health and gender violence. Camps have been set up nearby for COVID testing.

Apart from this, the organisation regularly organises the following:

  • Workshops and awareness campaigns on Sexual and Reproductive Health
  • Workshops on menstruation, good and bad touch, health and nutrition
  • Body mapping techniques and bodily integrity
  • Free Health Camps
  • Workshops on Mental Health Awareness
  • Individual Counselling