Gender Sensitisation And Child Rights

The primary focus of the work at Shaheen is a dedicated commitment towards gender sensitisation. By working on the roots of the disease rather than attending only to the symptoms is a conscious choice made by Shaheen. Sensitivity engenders empowerment. Though legal vocabulary enables one to combat evils like child marriage, domestic violence, sexual exploitation, and other everyday forms of violence, it does not necessarily stop violence in its tracks, it has been proven time and again that it manifests itself in other forms only to prevail over the helpless and marginalised. Shaheen believes in inculcating sensitivity. By creating holistic and participatory communication channels in the community it has laid the foundation necessary to build an inclusive, pluralistic and integrated society.

  • Community Campaigns Promoting Mass Mobilisation
  • Safety Mapping and Safety Audit
  • Creation of Safe Spaces for Increased Mobility of Girls in Community
  • Sting Operations to Combat Child Marriages