Anti Trafficking

Trafficking of young, usually minor, girls is a very pervasive problem in the old city. The girls are sold into manual and sex labour both in country and to the Gulf. Girls return from their places of slavery with horrifying tales of abuse and torture. It is of especial note that the trafficking of young, usually minor girls is a very pervasive and dangerous problem of the Old City. The girls are sold into manual and sex labour both in country and to the Gulf.

Since 2002, Shaheen has been working on the problem of trafficking of young girls from the old city. Age, sex, socio-economic and community identity are the key factors as to why girls are vulnerable to trafficking. Over the years, Shaheen has been involved in the rescue of XXX(give numbers if available) number of girls who were trafficked in the name of marriages.

Shaheen is also in the process of documenting and publishing an extensive document on trafficking in the Old City. In a study undertaken by Shaheen it is seen that more than 33 percent of households have girls married to Arab men. The intricacies of these marriages against urban poverty, globalization, and the historical context of the Hyderabad community choosing Arab grooms will be discussed in this book among the many other topics. This book is an outcome of an extensive survey and series of interviews with more than 368 households in the areas – Nasheman Nagar, Sultan Shahi, Baba Nagar, Barkas, Shaheen Nagar, Golconda (Ahmed colony), Vatta Pally (Roshan colony) and Aman Nagar.