• Shaheen organised a group of 100 odd boys and girls in front of the Charminar, Hyderabad to give voice against corruption.
  • During the event of Ambedkar Jayanti, field workers of Shaheen –Jayanti, Kavita, Archana, and Sultana – spoke to the women in the slums, notably that of Dalit Basti, about constitutional rights, equality and justice, specifically to those marginalised.
  • At a meeting focussing on the importance of self reliance for women, Jameela Nishat and Sultana of Shaheen were the resource persons. 200 women attended this meeting which was conducted at Hassan Nagar area of the Old City.
  • Dr Humera Sikandar, a paediatrician spoke about the importance of nutrition, physical fitness and overall good health for girls and women. The event did not stop here, as women inspired by the talk wrote down a seven minute skit, which was later performed in front of a much larger audience at HariHara Kala Bhavan, Secunderabad upon invitation by other groups.
  • Nivedita Mallik and Supriya Yadav from the Lawyers’ Collective of New Delhi visited Shaheen. The topic of discussion was domestic violence and they spoke specifically on emotional abuse and how such an aspect of violence can be evidenced in a court of law.
  • Jasveen and Umesh from the Joint Action for Water spoke on how essential clean water is for health.
  • As a continuing add on to the aforementioned discussions and dialogue, Shaheen spoke to 200 girls at the Mozamjahi Government Girls’ High School on the essentials of self-reliance, healthy diet and legal awareness, the existing laws and how to use to them.