Who We Support

Most often it is young unmarried women who benefit most from Shaheen’s programs and facilities. A large number of school dropouts visit our centres and that represents almost 90 percent of the young women that we serve. This fact makes it especially important that Shaheen continues work in local schools with teachers and administrators alike to reach young girls as well as the boys on the importance of education to their future as individuals, as part of their communities, and as citizens of India. Although Shaheen attempts to reach out to children as early as 8 years of age, the maximum number of children are in the age group 10-13 years – approximately 300 children are regularly in contact with Shaheen.

Girls and women participated in meetings that addressed issues of domestic violence. These meetings led to an increased awareness of the different facets of domestic violence. More importantly, an interactive community dialogue is being established and is gaining strength in many areas, spreading across the boundaries of the Old City and involving, equally, men.