Shaheen Team

Shaheen is a community based organization, working from within the communities to achieve sustainable transformation and enabling strengths. Shaheen’s community mobilisers or field workers are her foundation upon which multiple interventions are woven. The field workers are representative of the Old City communities – they include both Muslims and Hindus. They have a cohesive mode of operation in which a girl of the Muslim community steps into neighbourhoods with a girl of the Hindu community. Shaheen has confronted hostility and derision on this factor but she has been unmoved in her focus towards a more integrated society. Shaheen’s field workers are informed, motivated and sensitive. We can hear them speak, cry and laugh.

Shaheda Begum

(Designation: Organisational Coordinator & Certified Therapist)

Shaheda has been associated with the organisation since the time of its inception. She completed her graduation from Ambedkar Open University after joining the organisation. 

She facilitates Guided Imagery Sessions for adolescent girls and women – a tool used to identify violence in the lives of the participants. She uses her years of practical experience to train younger social workers who join the organisation. 

K. Pooja

(Designation: Vocational Skill Trainer & Field Coordinator)

Previously a school dropout, Pooja is currently pursuing her graduation and simultaneously working in the front line of the organisation as a social worker. She is also the lead qawwali singer of the cultural team in the organisation.

Shaheen showed her the light of hope and slowly fostered her into a Young Urban Women (YUW) leader. Her journey since 2016 has been quite enriching and inspiring. Today, she is a potential next generation leader in the organisation and a role model to many of her peers and other young girls from the community.

Hajra Fatima

(Designation: Dietician – Health and Nutrition)

She completed her Masters in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics from Osmania University, Hyderabad. After completing her studies, with an interest in working for vulnerable women and catering to their nutritional needs, she joined the organisation in 2017.

Her role is to assess the community’s diet and nutritional risks, and to provide effective nutritional care to women and children. She counsels and educates the community on the importance of proper nutrition to prevent and correct nutritional deficiencies. She facilitates health awareness camps and takes part in various programs and activities of the organisation.


Jameela Nishat

Watching and guiding the field workers and holding their hands at each step is the Founder Director Jameela Nishat.

Jameela is a woman with deep reserves of moral and physical strength. She is from an old Hyderabadi family, rooted in the arts and culture. Her father was a painter and headed the Department of Painting at the JNTU College of Fine Arts; M F Hussain was a close family friend. Jameela too grew up loving the arts. She took to writing in Deccani Urdu and studied English Literature in University. She taught English for many long years. She set up Shaheen in the year 2002 subsequent to some momentous events, socially, politically, culturally, that transformed the landscape of being and brought with it questions of identity and belonging and searching out and discovery.

She set up Shaheen at the cross-point of three distinct Old City Communities to work on communal harmony, gender justice, and to build patterns and structures of social and political empowerment.