Shaheen’s work is gaining ground – there is increased acceptance and acknowledgement from the communities. Shaheen has consolidated and built on the achievements of the previous years. During this year, Shaheen intensified its work in the following areas:

Economic Independence : Building structures through which women and young girls can become self-reliant and economically empowered.

Social Empowerment : Building a relationship of faith and confidentiality that provides space for marginalized women has been the key to social empowerment. One of key initiatives undertaken was that of training in Self Defense. While Shaheen has been conducting these classes, this year there was a new twist – as an initiative to boost the morale of the girls, Shaheen engaged a Muslim man to teach martial arts. Over twenty five girls took the lessons. It was an evolving experience in that a devoutly religious Muslim demonstrated the martial arts, keen to see women empowered. Consequent to the demonstrations, the girls have felt the the need to maintain a healthy and athletic body.

Political Empowerment : In giving space and relief to women, Shaheen has enabled a number of women to be assertive about their rights and be politically active in the community. It has motivated young women to join education programs. It has also served as catalyst for state intervention. The Central and State government has approached Shaheen for records in assessing the situation of the marginalized communities.