Health Awareness Camps

It goes without saying that the prevalent, recurrent health problems of the women and girls are a reflection of poverty, deprivation, neglect. Anaemia and malnutrition are at exceedingly high levels and women between 18-25 years record the highest level of anaemia, low immunity levels and borderline malnutrition. The women are easy prey to illness and disease. Other common illnesses include upper respiratory infections, diarrhea, dysmenorrhea, excess bleeding in menstruation, irregular menstruation cycle, white discharge, early arthritis, osteoporosis, and other bacterial diseases.

Shaheen has facilitated regular health programmes during the year. Health camps are conducted regularly in collaboration with Dr. Samatha, a retired Professor and Ms. Hajra Fatima, a dietician by profession. The camps focus on seasonal illnesses and other health related problems. Shaheen conducts regular health checkups and workshops on sexual and reproductive health rights. The awareness camps motivate the women and young girls to cater to one’s own health and well-being. Topics for discussion include proper nutrition generation, anaemia, menopause, menstrual problems, common sexually transmitted diseases and their symptoms, breast feeding, mosquito-borne diseases and water-borne diseases.

The organisation also conducts health awareness generation camps and workshops in schools for the students and staff. These are all ongoing attempts to filter in health knowledge and to bust the myths and taboos surrounding health and nutrition.

To educate and counsel parents on the effects of malnutrition in children, to plan low-cost nutritional diets for the beneficiaries, to facilitate nutrition-based outreach activities through multiple learning techniques in the community are some of the many interventions initiated by the appointed dietician of the organisation (Ms. Hajra).